Fete Today's Unique Approach Targets Millennial Wine Drinkers

Fête is the first wine brand to feature an interactive, fun, shareable technology called Augmented Reality right on the side of the bottle, giving a value-added experience to customers looking to delight their friends and family.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology that layers virtual images on top of the real world through the use of smartphone apps.

Fête users can download the Zappar app directly from their smart phone’s app store (either iPhone or Android), and use that app to scan a code on the side of the bottle. Once the scan is unlocked, the user is treated to an unexpected fireworks show that appears to come right out of the bottle. The show then turns into an interactive photo booth where the user can select props and position them around themselves (through the front facing selfie cam), or their friends, and take photos and/or short videos (gifs) that can be easily uploaded to social media. The user can also edit a text banner to personalize the event they are celebrating.

According to Jo Anne Brenzo in a 2013 blog post about Augmented Reality, “as far as Millennials are concerned, if you can’t share a photo of an experience on a social media platform, it may as well not have happened.” Fête gives them the power of both an experience and a shareable image almost instantaneously.

Why is it important to engage Millennial wine drinkers with new technology? According to Chris Fehrnstrom, the former Chief Marketing Officer of Constellation Brands, there are over 20 million Millennials who drink wine at least once per week. These drinkers, he says, “are experimental, they are rebellious, [and] they crave experiences.” They are also more willing than their counterparts in older generations to spend more than $20 on a bottle, says John Gillespie of market research company Wine Opinions.

Fête wine has great visual appeal and it brings novelty to the everyday occasion of sharing wine with friends, which as Brenzo says, “are two things that captivate me long enough to slow down, take a second a look and follow through.”

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