Our Story

Fete Today Founders:  Justin and Becky Perry

Why Fete Today?  

Fete (n):  Celebration, party, or festival
Fete (v): To honor or lavishly entertain someone 
For as long as we can remember we've found reasons to celebrate even the most mundane accomplishments. This has been a cornerstone of our marriage. When Justin was in real estate we would celebrate every stage of the transaction. We joked that by the time we actually got paid for a deal we had “celebrated” all of the money away. (Good thing our celebrations are always fiscally responsible.)
We also celebrate when times are rough. This philosophy has become so central to our family’s culture that every time we experience disappointment, our go-to joke is “how are we going to celebrate this?” We figure that if we can celebrate when things are great AND when things are bad, we can find contentment and joy in all things. We don’t always get to choose our circumstances, but we do get to choose how we respond to them.
 Fete Today is a wine and gift shop that we hope encourages people to live lives full of celebration and joy. We hope to continue to bring innovation to the to the wine industry and that through our wine and our message we can help others see joy and possibility in the everyday.
We are not guaranteed tomorrow, but we can Fete Today!

How Our Story Began

In 2011 we were living in Stockton, CA, ground zero of the financial housing crisis. One day, through a random set of circumstances, we found ourselves on a drive through the Lodi countryside. We came across a home on a vineyard. It was a foreclosure that had been empty for three years. Both the home and the vineyard needed serious work. Even though it was crazy, we both felt like we were supposed to buy the property. Through some unbelievable circumstances that almost had us throwing in the towel, our deal went through and two “city kids” without an ounce of farming experience, ended up with five acres of petite sirah grapes. It has been four years of hard work, but with God's help, fortuitous connections, and many celebrations (of both setbacks AND victories), we are now building our a premiere wine brand and farming operation. Our goal is we hope to give you the invitation to choose joy everyday.

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