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Thanksgiving Holiday

Kevin Doherty on Nov. 30, 2015

Thank you so much. I actually drank it with family over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We found it to be smooth, full and fruity. I am going to recommend you to some top industry people who would be interested in Fete. -Kevin, Executive Chef for Corporate Executive Dining. 

Big Hit at the Dinner Party

Tully Vogt on Nov. 13, 2015

We will be ordering more in the future. Congratulations on your first great wine. I don't drink alcohol, however Duane, my fiance does. I ordered the wine for him since he is big on wines. Duane really liked the wine. So much that he took the wine to a dinner party. The wine was a big hit. They were excited that they were drinking your first wine. -Tully

Gives you every reason to Celebrate!

Donna Goldberg on Nov 12, 2015

One taste and you will be looking for reason to celebrate with Fete! Fete was the Perfect focus to compliment my centerpieces at my Surprise 60th Birthday Celebration. Before guests arrived I was also spoiled with a private tasting with my sisters and immediate family. Not only is the wine smooth and addicting, but the way Justin and Becky market their wine is phenomenal. They are so down to earth and personable. It feels good to drink wine from a company who truly lives up to their brand. Cheers to Fete! -Donna Goldberg

Bright Future!

Owen Erickson on Oct 01, 2015

I tried the Fete last night. Very good, especially after it opened up. I'm sure it will be even better in a year. If this was your first try, I think you have a great future. -Owen Erickson

We love to Fete!

Shannon Child & Kristen Garcia on Sep 26, 2015

We love to Fete with your wine. Everyone loved it. A staple for a girls night. -Shannon & Kristen

Holly Cow!

Bonnie Eddy on Sep 26, 2015

Holly Cow! This wine is fantastic! Smooth, creamy, rich and dreamy. I love it. I will definitely be ordering more for Christmas. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Cheers! -Bonnie

I Fete Great Wine!

Jamie Stavenger on Sep 25, 2015

We secured a bottle of Fete Wine in California, and brought it all the way back to North Carolina. I should have grabbed a couple more because our bottle was empty in no time. As a red wine lover, each note in this Petite Sirah was lovely, without the bitter aftertaste that comes with so many dry wines. A respectable premiere from this little vineyard. Aside from the delicious wine, the packaging is just plain interactive treat for everyone! Can't wait to introduce Fete to the east coast. 

Save Water, Drink Wine!

Heidi Snavely on Sep 25, 2015

Ok....that may be an extreme way to deal with California's drought, but this is that good. I am in no way a wine expert. I just know if I like it or not. Often I find myself not actually enjoying wine at tastings until the 4th or 5th taste, and by then its probably confused taste buds. This was different from the moment I took my first sip. I thought, "delicious". There wasn't a harsh bite or after taste. Not too dry, not too sweet, just right. Maybe they should rename it "Goldilocks". This would be a superb choice for a base of Sangria or a lovely pairing with a nice steak and some garlic mash potatoes. This Petite Sirah is a perfect conversation starter. Just be careful...the bottle will be empty quick. 

Wine was Awesome!

Carolynne Stilphen on Sep 18, 2015

I can honestly tell you that this wine was awesome. I don't even drink much red wine, but this Petite Sirah was so good. Not only do I love this wine, but I so appreciate the meaning behind it. Fete...Celebrate Everyday! 

Tasty & Smooth

Cindy Bisagno on Sep 18, 2015

Everything about this was wonderful. The story of how you arrived with the name Fete and what it means was so awesome. The story behind your successes is one that can share with great pride. The wine was tasty and smooth. The presentation of the bottle is beyond words. I want to Fete often! 

Petite Fete!

Erin Mettler on Sep 17, 2015

Fruity and light, this petite sirah is the perfect way to Fete the end of the day or a special occasion! It stands up to both fanfare and kicking back enjoying the afternoon. The added fun of fireworks and photo props available through the Zappar code on the bottle compliment the wine and bring a unique and fun twist to its enjoyment. Fete Petite Sirah does not disappoint. 


Joan Sellers on Sep 17, 2015

I love the full body of Fete Petite Sirah. It holds its own with savory dishes and cheeses. Wonderful with rosemary or basil seasoned meats and amazingly great with poultry. I look forward to hearing how others have paired this wine with their favorite foods.